Her finner du materiale som omtales i, eller er relevant for tema som tas opp i boka Tekst 2 null. Eksemplene er ordnet kapittelvis i menyen nede til høyre.

Les mer om boka på disse sidene og hos Universitetsforlaget


The Whale Hunt by Jonathan Harris

Initial sketch
The Whale Hunt website was developed as an experimental interface for storytelling. Given an epic real world story, with lots of content and lots of metadata, how can the narrative be faithfully retold?

The project presented a number of interesting design problems, including how to express both the topography of the entire narrative and the ways in which any single moment fits into that narrative; how to extract and reveal the many substories occuring within the context of the larger story; how to convey the many feelings experienced on the hunt (boredom, fatigue, curiosity, excitement, exhaustion, sublime beauty); and more generally how to restage an epic real world experience on the Internet.

The Whale Hunt / by Jonathan Harris / Interface

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