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Adds Real-Time Streaming to Share Tool

The ShareThis team explains some of the key new features of the new service. Here are some of the highlights:

- Sign-in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo! and more — You can sign-in with your existing identities and curate what you are sharing across your networks

- Sharing Buttons With a Counter — ShareThis publishers can now have a new ShareThis button that not only includes the ability to share across or to different networks, but will show how many times something has been shared

- New Related Content Sharing widget — You can put an updated and “related posts” widget onto your sites

- Real-time ShareThis Stream — You can watch what is being shared across the ShareThis network in real-time, along with trending topics, a la Twitter

Check out this video:

This is actually a pretty innovative way to address the real-time nature of sharing links and information. And while on the surface it might not seem that dissimilar to Google Buzz () or the built-in options for networks like Facebook and Twitter, what makes this different is that it aggregates data from across all of the different platforms. So you can see and search what people are sharing to Google Reader () and Facebook and Twitter.


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