Her finner du materiale som omtales i, eller er relevant for tema som tas opp i boka Tekst 2 null. Eksemplene er ordnet kapittelvis i menyen nede til høyre.

Les mer om boka på disse sidene og hos Universitetsforlaget


We Are the 99%

One of the most fascinating things to come out of the current We Are 99%/Occupy Wall Street protests is the We Are 99% Tumblr. At the site, people hold up signs that explain their current circumstances, and it tells the story of a whole range of Americans struggling in the Lesser Depression. It is highly recommended.

The site features pictures of individuals holding their signs, and occasionally the tumblr reproduces the text of the signs themselves underneath the image as html text. Sometimes the text under the image is blank, sometimes it is a different message, but often it is the sign itself.

Parsing the Data and Ideology of the We Are 99% Tumblr | Rortybomb


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